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  • Alison McGuiganAlison McGuigan

    Ali is a first-year Master of Global Policy Studies DC Concentration candidate, with policy interests in the role of international institutions in conflict zones and aid delivery. Prior to attending to the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, Ali received her Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations from Texas Christian University. While earning her undergraduate degree, she worked at Dream Outside the Box, a non-profit designed to propel children in underserved communities to higher education through career-centered programming led by college student volunteers.

  • Amanda Bennett

  • Benjamin Hirsch

  • Brent PerdueBrent Perdue

    Brent is pursuing dual master degrees in Public Affairs and Community and Regional Planning. As a Crook Fellow, he will be working with a solid waste management non-profit in an informal settlement located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Prior to graduate school, Brent worked as a director of a solid waste management non-profit in Austin, Texas. He holds a BA in History and Government from The University of Texas at Austin. He is interested in the relationships between cities, consumption, and integrated solid waste management.

  • Catherine CousarCatherine Cousar

    Catherine Cousar is a Masters of Global Policy Student at the University of Texas at Austin's LBJ School of Public Affairs, specializing in international development. When not trying to keep up with her school work she writes about policy at her blog at

  • Cody BrasherCody Brasher

    Cody Brasher is a native of Moody, Alabama who got to Texas as soon as he could. After earning a B.A. in International Studies from Baylor University, he served an active duty contract in the US Army before returning to Texas. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Global Policy Studies at the LBJ School, while serving in the Texas Army National Guard, participating in the ROTC program at UT, and interning as a Legislative Aid for Austin's District 49 Representative, Gina Hinojosa, at the Capitol.

  • Craig GertschCraig Gertsch

    Craig is a second-year Master of Global Policy Studies candidate, with policy interests in international security and Latin American policy. Before attending the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, Craig worked in both the public and private sectors, and he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. During his time at the LBJ School, Craig has been a part of the Mexico Security Initiative with the Strauss Center for International Security and Law, and he is a research affiliate with the Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice. Additionally, Craig has worked at the Texas Legislature as a policy analyst focusing on US-Mexico border and homeland security issues. Craig can be reached at

  • Cynthia Van MaanenCynthia Van Maanen

    A native Texan, Cynthia returns home after living in Western New York State and the Washington, D.C., area. Her interests in voting rights, fair representation, and governmental accountability spurred her to pursue an M.P.Aff. degree at the LBJ School, and from there, Cynthia hopes to pursue her interests as they relate to Texas state government. She has held positions as a lead data analyst and compliance specialist at a national affordable housing intermediary, an adjunct instructor of political science, and a legislative intern in the office of a Texas state legislator. In her free time, she likes to fawn over neighborhood dogs, play video games about the French Revolution, and be glib on social media.

  • Danny KhalilDanny Khalil

    is a 2nd year Master of Public Affairs student at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, where he specializes in the study of social and economic policy. He graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Anthropology in 2014.

  • Emily Hebert

  • Kathryn LundstromKathryn Lundstrom

    Kathryn Lundstrom is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin in global policy studies and journalism with an interest in global affairs, human security and stories that connect us.

  • Laura RichardsLaura Richards

    Laura Richards is currently working on a Master’s in Global Policy Studies, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management at the University of Texas, Austin. This summer, as an AidData Fellow, Laura worked at the Women of Uganda Network, where she mapped women's empowerment work and implemented trainings on open source technologies in Uganda and Rwanda. Laura is a research affiliate with Innovations for Peace and Development and participates in the Open Aid and Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank teams. Before attending graduate school, she was a Program Supervisor at an inpatient facility for foster youth with behavioral and cognitive disorders.

  • Loretta TaylorLoretta Taylor

    Loretta Taylor is a first year MPaff student from Philadelphia, PA. She has a background in Latin American Studies. She is interested in afrolatinidad and race relations in Latin America.

  • Mary VoMary Vo

    Mary Vo is a Master’s Candidate in Global Policy Studies at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Maya EfratiMaya Efrati

    Maya Efrati graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, earning both her J.D. and her M.P.P, from the Ford School of Public Policy, in May 2016. She is currently a legal fellow with FairVote, where she works on issues related to fair representation and election law.

  • Molly AdlerMolly Adler

    Born and raised in the D.C. area (Alexandria, VA), Molly has ventured out of her east coast bubble and settled in Austin, TX. After a long year in Russia working on her Fulbright, she is happy for the warm TX weather. Her long time interest in international security and conflict resolution has led her to work towards a dual degree in Global Policy Studies and Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian studies. When not studying or stuffing her face with tacos, Molly likes to read, cook and try not to creepily stare at the dogs that live in her apartment complex.

  • Patricia HartPatricia Hart

    Patricia Hart is a dual degree student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the McCombs School of Business. Before graduate school, she was a policy analyst at the think tank New America, where she provided research and analysis on the relationship between work and wealth, developments in tax policy, and financial inclusion in the developing world. Prior to New America, Patricia worked for FairVote, a research and advocacy group focused on structural electoral reform. Her hobbies include tacos and beer.

  • Paul KuhnePaul Kuhne

    Paul Kuhne is a first year Global Policy Studies student at the LBJ School and joined the program after seven years in the nonprofit sector. He is focusing his time at LBJ on international development and has an interest in program evaluation and monitoring. He currently volunteers with Innovations for Peace and Development and works part-time at the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy. Outside of school, he enjoys bouldering, live music and cooking.

  • Paul Ryan

  • Peter Sarasohn

  • Robert ArjetRobert Arjet

    holds a PhD from Emory’s Institute of the Liberal Arts, where he studied violence in American culture. He is currently a student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, where he focuses on criminal justice, poverty, and social inequality.

  • Samer YousifSamer Yousif

    Samer is a first-year Masters of Global Policy Studies DC Concentration candidate, with policy interests in entrepreneurship and international development. Prior to coming to the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, he was a fellow for the global poverty advocacy organization, RESULTS, and worked to pass legislation on maternal and child health issues.

  • Sarah BlumbergSarah Blumberg

    Sarah Blumberg is an Austin native, pursuing a masters' degree in Global Policy Studies at the LBJ school with a specialization in development. Previously, she worked in refugee resettlement in Houston helping new refugee families become self-sufficient. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies a the University of Arizona.

  • Sarah PollockSarah Pollock

    Sarah is a native Texan, come home to roost while she pursues her Master's in Public Affairs at the LBJ School. She spent almost a decade in California working at a day-center for adults with disabilities and earning her undergraduate degree at Folsom Lake College and University of California, Davis. Since starting at LBJ, she has focused on Texas school finance and education policy. She is currently interning at the Texas State Legislature.

  • Baines ReportBaines Report

    The Baines Report is an approved student organization composed of and governed by students of the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. The Baines Report is dedicated to publishing student op-eds, blogs, and other media related to public policy. The opinions expressed in all content published by the Baines Report shall exclusively reflect those of the authors and not necessarily the views of the LBJ School of Public Affairs or Baines Report staff.

  • Elizabeth Petruy

    As a native Californian who was raised in Florida, Elizabeth made it to Texas as quickly as she could. She is pursuing a Masters of Public Affairs at the LBJ School, as well as a portfolio in Nonprofit Studies. Elizabeth's policy interests include children's welfare, education, and public private partnerships. She is the current editor in chief of the Baines Report.

  • Marcos DuranMarcos Duran

    Marcos is a 2nd year MPaff student at LBJ who previously worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer for Travis County, and is a past editor of the Baines Report. In 2010, he received his B.A. in Psychology with a Minor in Philosophy from Southwestern University.

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