Why APD Should Embrace City Council’s Resolution to Prevent Cannabis Testing and Prosecution

Texas opened the door to a host of problems around prosecuting possession of marijuana after legislation passed in the summer of 2019. Austin has its own response to how it think police should handle possession going forward, but not everyone agrees with the City Council’s progressive stance.

A Conversation With the ODNI’s Andrew Hallman

While pursuing a Master’s degree at American University, Andrew Hallman took a class taught by a professor on sabbatical from the CIA. As he learned of the pivotal role intelligence plays in policy and security, Hallman wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to know more. Three...

The Gulf rift two years later: Qatar’s Islamist ties

June 5 marked the second anniversary of the Gulf rift. In 2017, the Saudi-led quartet (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt) imposed a blockade on Qatar, citing Qatar’s relations with Iran and terrorist organizations. To date, Qatar refuses to acknowledge the...

Learning from History: The Case for Unification of the Democratic Party in the Nomination Race

On September 12, 2019, qualifying Democratic presidential candidates hit the stage in Houston, Texas for the third Democratic debate of the year. The highest polling and highest grossing candidates faced off on hot-button issues such as healthcare, race relations, gun...

Baines Report Op-Ed Winners Featured in Texas Tribune’s TribTalk

This morning, our two 2019 Baines Report Op-Ed Contest Winners, Salimah Jasani and Lynn Murphy, were both featured in the Texas Tribune's op-ed section, TribTalk. Congratulations! You can find their pieces here: Salimah Jasani's "The gas pump is no place for a child...

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