Day: April 28, 2010

Texas Can Lead the World in Clean Energy and Policy – Come and Take It!

You’ve got to hand it to Rick Perry – this guy knows how to stay in the spotlight and keep his name in the papers. Gov. Perry has that unique ability to tap into the next big wave – that elusive undercurrent of public sentiment – that keeps him front and center in the public’s mind. “The Gov” is currently cashing in on the anti-Washington and anti-establishment wave. The cover of Newsweek says it all: “Don’t Mess With Texas.” Us Texans are a proud people. We have a rich heritage and history rooted in the frontier, survival during tough times and suspicion of government. But is this go-it-alone attitude really the best way forward for our state? What role should our state take in a quickly changing world? More specifically, how should Texas think about energy and climate change legislation? Is the governor right? Are overarching government policies and regulations going to strangle our state? I don’t think the answer is clear-cut. In some instances, I think Rick Perry can make a reasonable argument that a one-size-fits-all climate bill will be inefficient in some regards. There are many industry- and regionally-specific details that will need to be hammered out. For example, promoting electric vehicles as a way to reduce carbon emissions may be a great idea in Washington state where there is abundant hydroelectricity, but a poor policy in...

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A Pakistani Perspective on the War on Terror

March 12, 2010 was the perfect day to start Spring Break. It was a rare spring day that had the power to lift your spirits. But it only took 45 minutes to change that. March 12, 2010 is the same day that five blasts shook the city of Lahore, Pakistan. That day didn’t seem so amazing anymore as I frantically tried to contact everyone I know back home to make sure they were alive. It was only when I was assured of their safety that I was hit by the larger implications of what had happened. The terrorist dragon had been awakened and will only sleep when it is tired. The terrorists are just warming up and the only thing that will satisfy this beast is to be left alone. Unfortunately, at this point, they cannot be left to their own devices. External forces that the dragon calls its enemy continue to poke and attack this uncontainable creature. This attackonly angers the dragon further, and stronger forces are needed to contain the extensive damage it wreaks. Thus, the vicious cycle continues. Sadly, a third party is getting destroyed, becoming collateral damage in a war between good and evil. Is it justifiable to let one country burn so the fire can be put out in another? Including the terrorist strikes in the northern areas of Pakistan, the number of attacks...

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