Day: September 17, 2013

Putting Student Safety First

An open letter to the chiefs of UTPD and APD regarding apparent racially motivated attacks near our campus. We are writing on behalf of several student-led organizations within the University of Texas at Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs to express our concern and frustration with the response to the recent “bleach bomb” attacks near campus. These attacks are appalling and appear especially insidious, as racial minorities have been prime targets. We thank you for the work you did to investigate last year’s attacks. However, we are concerned that there seems to be little progress in the current and...

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Ockham in the Legislature: Keep Laws Simple and Clear

Although many Texans may not have noticed yet, life in the Lone Star State changed dramatically this month. When the clock struck midnight on September 1, more than 600 new state laws went into effect, changing everything from farmers’ market standards to switchblade restrictions. [1] These laws added new rules, removed old rules, and amended existing rules regarding what Texas, through its legislative process, defines as acceptable behavior. Yet, unfortunately, only a select few revisited the Texas code in order to clarify disputed points and provide broad, guiding principles explaining the spirit of the law. Laws are most effective...

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