Month: January 2014

Hutchings Delivers ‘State of the School’ Address

Dean Robert Hutchings met with a group of LBJ School students and faculty on Monday to discuss his vision for how the school can develop and grow over the coming years. Hutchings highlighted several main areas he has focused on during his time as dean: Washington, DC Campus. When Hutchings arrived at the LBJ School, the student body was growing – yet the number of students interning in Washington, DC was declining. With the introduction of a Washington, DC summer program, the LBJ School has reversed that decline, with record numbers of students interning and studying in DC the...

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The Great Society, Barry Goldwater Style

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s victory in the 1964 presidential election. Our school’s namesake won 44 states, leaving Republican challenger Barry Goldwater with only six. LBJ’s victory was one of our country’s most lopsided presidential elections—but many believe Goldwater’s defeat was also the most consequential loss in American history. The 1964 Republican primary was a battle for the soul of the GOP. New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller and the “Rockefeller Republicans” wanted the Party to become moderate or liberal. Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater saw a different future. Known as “Mr. Conservative,” Goldwater believed that “extremism...

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