Day: July 10, 2014

Realizing the Team

I’ve had a lot of internships. I’ve had a lot of jobs. I’ve also done a lot of volunteer work. One thing I’ve learned is that organizational culture matters. There are settings where the team is supported, motivated, and inspired, and then there are those competitive, difficult settings where you can’t wait to leave. Most organizations probably fall in the middle of those two extremes. At Search for Common Ground (Search or SFCG), the organizational culture is on the positive extreme. From my experience with various staff from the Great Lakes region, and in the office I’m working from...

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Hot town, summer in the city – Central and Eastern Europe in DC

Is it a frontier space, a buffer area, a window into the east… or west, a tinderbox, or something else entirely? Since last November, more people have joined the conversation on how to understand Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Like any region, it cannot be simply summarized. Understanding the various threads of the CEE tapestry is part of how I am spending my summer internship. The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) is the only think tank in Washington, DC that exclusively focuses on CEE countries. Its mission is to provide analysis on the region in security, energy, economic, and...

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