Day: July 18, 2014

Thank Goodness for Auditors!

Let’s play a word association game. What do you think about when I write the word ‘auditor’? Did you immediately think about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? If so, you are not alone. According to my extremely unscientific polling (also known as casual conversation with family and friends), many people associate the word ‘audit’ with the IRS. This makes sense. After all, the history of auditing is closely tied to financial audits. But while auditing financial documents remains an important part of the auditing profession, it is by no means the only activity government auditors undertake. [1] In fact,...

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Interview with Silviana Brunele: SESI, SENAI and Conexão Mundo

Silviana Brunele, the director of elementary and high school education at SESI and SENAI Linhares, speaks with us about the SESI and SENAI systems’ structure, the benefits of the Conexão Mundo (or World Connection) program, and how their mission fits into Brazil’s economic development goals. Listen to the interview (in both Portuguese and English) or read the summary below. Both SESI and SENAI are part of FINDES, or the Industry Federation in Espirito Santo. SESI is an organization that provides services in health, leisure, and education for the industry community. SENAI’s main purpose is to provide technical training for...

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