Day: July 22, 2014

Defending the Colombian Páramos

Earlier this month, the Association of Tasco Community Water (ASOACCTASCO), the Tasco Youth Collective and the Peasant Integration Foundation (FINTEC) co-hosted the 2nd meeting of the National Defendors of Páramos in Tasco, Colombia. The conference brought together various grassroots organizations to discuss the harmful effects of area mining exploitation by multinational corporations and to unify their fight to protect the unique páramo...

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Building Trust with a Frisbee

Justine* looked puzzled when she picked up the plastic disc. How were you supposed to play sports with this hard, flat thing? It didn’t look anything like a ball. After a few moments of hesitation, she and the other women at the youth center in Gisenyi, Rwanda had figured it out. They forgot all about the conflict at the border nearby as they giggled and threw the Frisbee to one another. Using sports for peacebuilding and development projects isn’t a new idea, but using games of Ultimate Frisbee to encourage cooperation and dialogue is. Because many people aren’t familiar...

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Quick Jump