Day: August 19, 2014

The Moving Parts of Sanitation

Sanitation work is often hard to define. It is not clear whether you should specifically be working on providing access to a formal sewage system, building a municipal sewage system, building individual toilets, educating users, cleaning toilets, promoting use, or providing security. It is unclear how one activity should be prioritized over another or how important any single action can be. What seems to be a small piece of work turns out to have an unquantifiable number of moving parts, each with their own unique way of completely and utterly failing. While the activities being performed certainly depend on...

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Expansion of the IUD in Ethiopia

While IUDs have become a course of controversy and new restrictions in the US, the Government of Ethiopia is actively trying to expand access to IUDs and other long term birth controls to women all over the country.  In 2005 the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia began a Health Expansion Program that created paid and trained health extension workers to provide care at the community level.  In 2009, the Implanon implant was expanded by specifically training the extension workers to insert the implant.  In 2011, the Ministry added IUD training to this expansion. This summer I am working with...

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