Month: December 2014

Auditor’s Paradise: Coolio’s Elements of an Audit Finding

If, to paraphrase Justice Louis Brandeis, a little publicity is “the best of disinfectants,” then consider government auditors the cleaning people. These auditors help focus the public and their leaders’ attention on all aspects of government in order to root out waste, fraud, and abuse. By allowing the public and their elected leaders to scrutinize government’s inner workings, auditors help keep government clean. Given government’s longstanding reputation for complexity, this may seem like an almost impossible task. Indeed, auditing is not an easy job. To help them effectively examine government programs, auditors have developed certain procedures that help them...

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America’s Political Transformation or Just a Change in the Razorback Nation?

This Op-Ed is part of a series of Op-Ed dialogues with partnering public policy schools.  In the 2014 midterm elections, Americans sent a clear message—they are currently displeased with the liberal policies of the Obama Administration.  Republicans, moderates, and independents overwhelmingly voted for Republicans in an attempt to reign in the administration and to prevent any further left wing legislation.  Considering the imbalance of power before the elections, specifically the Democrat Senate majority and the Democrat Executive branch, the switch of controlling parties in the U.S. Senate after midterm elections is not a new phenomenon. Four influential Arkansans recently...

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