Day: November 22, 2015

A Look at “The Guy with the Knife”: Is the Texas Criminal Justice System too Easily Manipulated?

Photo: Jon Buice behind prison glass The LBJ School of Public Affairs’ Center for Health and Social Policy (CHASP) recently collaborated with the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law at the UT Law School and the LBJ School’s Harvey Milk Society to present a screening of the film “The Guy with the Knife.” The screening was followed by a panel discussion where we were fortunate to have a star-studded lineup including the film’s director, Alison Armstrong, LBJ School Senior Lecturer and criminal justice policy expert Michele Deitch, and a number of the individuals featured in the film. “The...

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Why the Debt Ceiling is Bad Fiscal Policy

Imagine a federal policy so redundant, so archaic, and so inefficient that it fails to accomplish and even obstructs its intended objective. Now, not only is this policy an inhibition to proper governance, it frequently serves as a stage for theatrical performances from hardline politicians while threatening the historically rock solid foundation of American fiscal policy. Have you guessed it yet? When most Americans hear the term “debt ceiling”, images of crushing financial obligations and bloated government come to mind. After all, aren’t we already trillions of dollars in debt? Why should we take on even more? Survey after...

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