Month: July 2017

Expanding Female Access to the Job Market through Affordable Commute

Photo: Yasser Abusen (cc) Crook Fellow Ghida Ismail is spending her summer at the Harvard Kennedy School in the Evidence for Policy Design (EPOD) program in Boston, assisting the research project “Expanding Female Access to the Job Market through Affordable Commute.” She goes into detail on her work and experiences for us here: The World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Gender Gap Report ranked Saudi Arabia 141 out of 144 countries for gender parity; as a matter of fact, women are barred from driving in Saudi Arabia. Considering that public transport is non-existent in Saudi, this bar on driving hinders the access...

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The sanctuary cities law and food insecurity in Texas’ immigrant community

Photo: Michael Stravato The state’s new ban on sanctuary cities increases the risk of food insecurity and hunger among undocumented immigrants and their children, many of whom are U.S. citizens. Texas is home to roughly 1.5 million undocumented immigrants, 38 percent are undocumented families living with at least one U.S. citizen under the age of 18. Currently, 1 of every 4 Texas children does not have regular access to food in a given year. Undocumented immigrants are twice as likely to be food insecure as the overall population. The high risk of food insecurity in Texas coupled with the state’s ban on sanctuary cities is a recipe for hunger....

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Being a Professional in a Foreign Country – Economic Policy Research in Kampala, Uganda

Photos: Katherine Whitton Crook Fellow Katherine Whitton has been interning through the AidData Summer Fellowship Program at the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) in Kampala, Uganda this summer. Her work involves a feasibility assessment, production of geocoded data, geocoding and GIS training, and research plan development. Katherine is sharing her thoughts about living in Africa as an emerging professional. Read more below about her experiences abroad: I have been here for 5 weeks and crossed the halfway point for my internship. By now I should have something to say. When I sat down to write this post at the 4-week mark...

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‘Barriga Llena, Corazón Contento’ – Food Security in Nicaragua

Photo: Zenia Nuñez (CC BY 2.0) Crook Fellow Dane Ulik has been spending his summer working for Artists for Soup, a nonprofit whose mission, amongst many others, is to improve food security in La Paz Centro and Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Dane is applying his research and data analysis skills to aid the organization in refining their initiatives, and shares with us now his experiences in the country so far: The first night in Matagalpa, Nicaragua I was invited to dine with a young man, Ricardo, and his family at his home. He had overheard a conversation I was having with a backpacker...

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Parsing the Dept. of State’s Security Clearance Process

Photo: (cc) Shashi Bellamkonda Social Media Swami Network Solutions Crook Fellow Michael Deegan is based this summer in the Office of the Coordinator of Assistance to Europe and Eurasia with the State Department in Washington D.C., and shares his experiences and advice on the State Dept.’s security clearance process: I couldn’t believe it. After all but giving up and starting a last-minute alternative internship search, interviewing, and deciding between several offers, an email appeared in my inbox last week: “You have been granted your security clearance to work at the Department of State this summer.” The security clearance process is integral to doing an internship...

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