Day: July 11, 2017

Niger Delta – a time-sensitive but hopeful situation

Photo: Jurgen 2017 Crook Fellow Amara Uyanna is interning with Sustainability International this summer in Nigeria, and updates us here on the environmental conditions of the Niger Delta region, where among other responsibilities she is coordinating bioremediation efforts in the area: “Time is an illusion” just as much as “time is of the essence.” Either of the preceding axioms can be used depending on context. In my opinion, time has been of the essence with regards to the Niger Delta. For over five decades, the Niger Delta has been the oil hub of Nigeria, the eighth largest oil producing country. The...

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Living amongst poverty: does it get easier?

Photo: elaine faith 2017 Crook Fellow Jessi Stafford shares her observations on the effects of poverty on daily living conditions in La Paz Centro, Nicaragua, seen as she works this summer for Artists for Soup: I’ve seen it many times. Volunteers come to help missionaries, non-profits, or other organizations working with the impoverished. They’re trying to do good but are overwhelmed by their surroundings. I’ve heard it many times. Missionaries, directors, and leaders urging volunteers that it gets easier, that as time passes they will grow accustomed to their surroundings. But is this the case? Does it get easier? Is time...

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