Month: April 2019

The Gas Pump is No Place for a Child to Play: The case for replacing 12th grade with universal Pre-K

This piece is the first prize winner of the 2019 Baines Report Op-Ed Contest. _ It’s the autumn of 1995 in a sleepy East Texas town. The principal of the local preschool stops by the store for groceries, when she notices a young child playing outside by the gas pumps. She rushes to the child’s father, who is working the cash register, and explains to him the importance of early childhood education. Within minutes, she has helped him enroll the girl in the preschool where she is principal. As she leaves, she tells him sternly, “The gas pump is...

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The silent victims of “zero tolerance” immigration policies

This piece won second place in the 2019 Baines Report Op-Ed Contest. _ Immigrant children with disabilities are suffering neglect and abuse under the hands of the Trump Administration. These children, who require specialized services and treatment, have often been separated from guardians and have been placed in facilities with insufficient oversight. Amid increased reports of abuse, neglect, and lack of services, the federal government must act immediately to secure the rights of immigrant children, particularly those with disabilities. The administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policies have led to the separation of migrant children with disabilities from their guardians. In...

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OP-ED CONTEST WITH CASH PRIZES! LBJ STUDENTS: The Baines Report is offering a unique professional development opportunity to get your ideas out of the classroom and into the public with the possibility to win an American Express gift card! Submit a 750-word max Op-Ed piece on any topic to by 5pm on Sunday, April 14th, 2019 for your chance to win. Submissions will be blindly judged and scored by three LBJ faculty: Sherri Greenberg, Lorinc Redei, and Kate Weaver. Strong pieces have a clear and nuanced opinion, use compelling evidence, convincingly argue a point of view, and are...

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