Author: Patrick Davis

The Boom Is Over

After the Super Committee’s failure to reach a deal today on managing U.S. debt, I can’t help but wonder: Is this what passes for leadership from my parents’ generation? The Baby Boomers have lived some of the most privileged lives in the history of the world. They created a country unprecedented in its wealth, diversity, equality and hopefulness.  Yet in the moments that Americans look toward their leadership, they falter. Our parents did a wonderful job of raising the millennial generation. According to the Pew Center, my generation is the most educated in U.S. history, we are far more accepting of those who are different from us, and we trust and respect our elders. Despite our parents’ wonderful examples, their parenting and their politicians rarely teach the same lessons.  Looking at what our parents’ generation of leaders has failed to accomplish, I cannot help but question if our trust and respect for our parents’ generation has been misplaced. The Super Committee was founded on the hope that if 12 politicians removed themselves from the greater Congressional zoo, they would create a bipartisan solution to reduce our nation’s debt.  We trusted them to create a plan that overcame the differences that separated Democrats and Republicans to lower the budget deficit. They failed. I feel like a fool for thinking that they might be able to place national interests above their...

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Balancing Treason and Rights of Citizenship

  Anwar al-Awlaki knew that America targeted him as a leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. In early February The New York Times reported that President Obama authorized al-Awlaki’s targeted killing. If he missed that article, the Hellfire Missiles that hit his car on May 5, 2011 in an unsuccessful attempt to take him out must have surely been a sign that America took his threats seriously. Al-Awlaki, an American citizen, was no saint and there is little doubt that had his capture taken place, he would have been found guilty of high treason.   Major Nidal Hasan sought al-Awlaki’s blessing before the Fort Hood shootings in November 2009, and al-Awlaki engineered the unsuccessful underwear and printer cartridge bombings in 2009 and 2010. After September 11, the U.S. Kill/Capture programs run by both the Special Forces Command and the Central Intelligence Agency became a grisly necessity in a war where enemies crossed borders and sought the protection of “friendly” foreign governments.  While President Obama’s administration did not introduce Kill/Capture to the battlefield, it has expanded its depth and breadth.  Drone missions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia have increased since Obama came into office and have not slowed after Osama Bin Laden’s death in May. On September 30, the missile hit the targeted car and the U.S. Kill/Capture program killed its first American citizen. We must not take the targeted...

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Quick Jump