Author: Robert Love

City Council Is Prescribing Medicine? Austin Experts Testify to the Dangers of the Forced Medication of Artificial Water Fluoridation

  Fluoride History: Sixty years ago the U.S. Center for Disease Control proposed that fluoride be added to drinking water to prevent cavities. In December 2009, the Austin Environmental Board recommended that city council evaluate the costs and benefits of water fluoridation. In July 2010, Austin Health and Human Services warned mothers not to give fluoridated water to infants if they were concerned about dental fluorosis. In November 2010, Fluoride Free Austin brought Dr. Paul Connett, the world’s leading expert on water fluoridation and author of the book “The Case Against Fluoride”, to Austin to speak with city council and Dr. Huang of HHS. No action was taken by either council or HHS. In January 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed what Fluoride Free Austin members had been saying for years, that there is too much fluoride in America’s drinking water and that fluorosilicic acid is causing dental fluorosis, a white or brown spotting of the teeth caused by ingesting fluoride. (Look closely at the teeth of five people you know and you will likely see at least one case of fluorosis). According to CDC statistics, 41 percent of children 12-15 years old in the United States suffer from fluorosis. In January2011, the EPA and HHS reduced its recommendation for the maximum levels of fluoride in drinking water from 1.2 parts per million...

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The Hidden Costs of Water Fluoridation

The Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association call water fluoridation one of the top 10 health advancements of the 20th century. Cavity rates have declined in the United States since fluoridation began in the 1940s, but is fluoridation the reason dental health has improved in this over the last 60 years? When water fluoridation began in the 1940s, pregnant women smoked and lead was added to gasoline. Thanks to modern science, now we know better. Will water fluoridation soon join the list of outdated science? Improving the oral health of the lower class is an important public policy goal, but is adding fluoride to drinking water the most effective way to achieve that goal? The Science behind Water Fluoridation Both the CDC and ADA admit that the benefit of fluoride to teeth is topical, not systemic. This means that fluoride is beneficial to teeth when applied directly to the enamel, like when we brush with toothpaste, not when we swallow it. In fact, ingestion of too much fluoride causes dental fluorosis, the white and brown spotting of teeth, a disorder the CDC says affects a third of American children. If the benefit is topical, why are we swallowing it? The CDC believes that water fluoridation is beneficial because cavity rates have decreased since fluoridation began 60 years ago. But one of the first things you learn...

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Is University Gun Policy Making Us Safe or Making Us Victims?

The police responded with lightning speed on Tuesday, Sept. 28, when a masked gunman brought an AK-47 onto campus, terrorized students then killed himself. University police were on the scene within 12 minutes after the shooting started. If 12 minutes sounds like a long time, keep in mind that the Virginia Tech massacre lasted over two hours. But we need to understand that the police cannot be everywhere at once. In times of emergency when seconds count, police are minutes away. In the 12 minutes that it took the police to respond, the shooter could have murdered a lot of people, and there would have been no way for the police to stop it. Like most universities in the United States, UT is a “gun free zone,” meaning that it is illegal to possess a firearm in university buildings. Does preventing law-abiding citizens from legally carrying their guns onto campus keep students and faculty safe? Schools don’t like to talk about it, but “gun free zones” are frequently the target of mass public shootings. Guns were forbidden at Columbine (14 murdered), at Virginia Tech (32 murdered), and at Jokela High School in Finland (eight murdered). Gun control laws will not stop criminals from bringing guns onto campus and killing unarmed students and faculty. There are many arguments for why law-abiding citizens should not be allowed to carry a concealed...

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