Author: The Baines Report

Letter from the Editors

On behalf of the Baines Report, we would like to welcome you to our new and improved website. The Baines Report is an online publication dedicated to promoting student op-eds and blogs, as well as multimedia features. The Report is governed by students of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin. Returning readers, viewers, and listeners will be pleased to find that all past content housed on the previous website is now available within the archives of the new site. We appreciate your interest in the Baines Report and look forward to...

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2013 GPAC Elections

Tomorrow morning promptly at 8:00 AM current GPAC President, Garry Davis, will be sending the LBJ student body a link to vote online in the 2013 GPAC elections. Polls will close on Friday, April 5th at 5:00 PM. This time frame should give LBJ students ample time to decide which candidate to vote for in the Vice Presidential race, the only contested position this year. The Baines Report editors were in attendance today as each candidate highlighted their platform in a speech and took questions from the audience. Below are some of the main points the editors took away from today’s speeches. We encourage the LBJ student body to review each candidate’s biography and platform in the official GPAC Spring 2013 Election Handbook. Remember to cast your vote by Friday, April 5th at 5:00 PM. GPAC Presidential Candidate, Will Payne GPAC needs to take a proactive role in addressing diversity at the LBJ School. Student participation in GPAC events has been a recurring concern. While some events produce significant interest, others do not. In order to increase student involvement GPAC needs to make sure it is serving student interests and needs. Continue to facilitate constructive communication with the administration. Vice Presidential/ Director of AIAC Candidate, Amanda Briggs Advertise deadlines for feedback from students to the administration to ensure concerns are heard with time for the administration to take action....

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Former Secretary Rice in Longhorn Country

This evening, Former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice spoke to a full house at the LBJ Auditorium. Though Dr. Rice touched on a number of political issues, the tone of the speech was apolitical. Surprisingly, Rice’s speech was filled with humor and stories. Some main points that stood out included: The American education crisis is the greatest threat to national security. The United States needs comprehensive immigration reform. When asked whether she would take a different stance on the War in Iraq given hindsight, Dr. Rice adamantly stated she would “overthrow Saddam Hussein again.” Dr. Rice also emphasized the fact that “today’s headlines are not the same as history’s judgments.” Dr. Rice’s policy perspective is unique because of her leadership roles during different security eras:  the Cold War and post 9-11. Her remarks on life outside of politics were just as insightful as her opinions on policy. Where Dr. Rice may have fallen short was on addressing America’s role in the post-Arab Spring Middle East. Her generic diagnosis on the lack of institutions in the Middle East offered no tangible policy recommendations or options. What are your reactions or thoughts to Dr. Rice’s...

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