Author: Annie Dupre

Addressing Climate Change in Cape Town

As many in the development field recognize, rural and urban planning can contribute greatly to (or hinder) socioeconomic development. In the townships around Cape Town, for example, everyday I see how poor infrastructure contributes to poverty through limited access to water, healthcare, food, electricity and adequate housing. Heavy rains can cause terrestrial flooding that predominantly affects these shantytowns, and recovery from such damage is costly and difficult. In July 2014, Cape Town hosted the Department of Design, which is a three-week long conference on sustainability and collaboration in community and civil design. The conference was led by a delegation from the...

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Cheap and Deadly High: Glue Sniffing in South Africa

I live in the middle of Cape Town – what is called City Centre – and I work about 10 kilometers away in the suburb of Claremont. The bus system doesn’t extend that far, so my mode of transportation is the MetroRail. Trains in Cape Town run on an unreliable schedule, often breaking down, getting delayed, changed, or canceled altogether. Despite the inconsistencies, the ticketing system is relatively simple. Tickets can be bought as one-way, round trip, week or month passes, for first, second or third class. The line I take – the Southern Suburbs Route – is one...

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A Look at Health Microinsurance

This summer the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law is thrilled to be funding seven Crook Fellows, who will be interning at non-profit organizations devoted to development work all over the globe. The fellows will be blogging about their experiences in the field over the next few months, so be sure to check back for more posts. Annie DuPre is interning with the Economic Policy Research Institute in Cape Town, South Africa. Her internship duties include contributing quantitative analysis as well as research and policy recommendations for issues of social protection and poverty reduction throughout South...

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