Author: Amelia Pittman

Making Maps for Data Driven Decisions

During my internship with the Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII) in the Global Health Bureau at USAID, I attended a training that the GeoCenter conducted. They are a team of geospatial analysts who work to integrate a geographic approach into USAID’s development programs. Participants learned how to make and use maps to answer questions about where to best allocate resources. Much of what I learned felt intuitive, after mapping development data with Innovations for Peace and Development (IPD) at UT Austin for the last year. However, the training helped turn what I instinctually knew into a clear...

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Measuring Scale-Up Potential at USAID

Interning with USAID has been great for the past five weeks. No coffee fetching for me. The professionals within the Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact have far too much on their plates for them to not give me as much as I can handle. Now I’m immersed in a number of projects with the potential for having a real impact on innovation research within the Global Health Bureau. All this is thanks to USAID HESN (Higher Education Solutions Network) which orchestrated this new internship program. The main project I’ve worked on concerns health innovation scale-up. Innovations are new...

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