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Season 4, Episode 4: “Policy, Politics And Political Values With Shirley Franklin”

Host Gene Vela talks with the incoming Barbara Jordan Visiting Professor of Ethics and Political Values and former two-term Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. Mayor of Atlanta from 2002-2010 and the first African American woman elected to serve as mayor in a major southern city, Professor Franklin shares her insights about local politics and the balance needed between politics and policy to design and implement sustainable policies. Professor Franklin also shares her views on ethics and values, and how they have guided her leadership. Host: Gene Vela Guest: Shirley Franklin Producer: Andy Uhler [soundcloud url=”” params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true”...

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2013 Barbara Jordan National Forum Schedule of Events

“See The Change: Pressing Towards Equality of Outcomes” “We are a people in search of a national community, attempting to fulfill our national purpose, to create and sustain a society in which all of us are equal…. We cannot improve on the system of government, handed down to us by the founders of the Republic, but we can find new ways to implement that system and to realize our destiny.” -Barbara Jordan, 1976, Democratic National Convention, Keynote Address Join us this week as we celebrate the legacy of Barbara Jordan and discuss the second phase of the Civil Rights Movement – Equality of Outcomes.   Monday, February 18 Change Set In Motion: Barbara Jordan Retrospective  Hosted by Policy Organization for Women (POW) Location – SRH 3.122 Time – 12:15-1:45pm Light lunch will be provided We will be joined by panelists DeAnn Friedholm (Barbara Jordan's first TA and good friend, now directing the health care reform campaign at Consumers Union) and Max Sherman (served in the State Senate with Barbara Jordan and taught and served as Dean of the LBJ School while Ms. Jordan was teaching at the LBJ School, also editor of Barbara Jordan: Speaking the Truth with Eloquent Thunder). DeAnn and Max will talk about their experiences with Barbara Jordan and give us personal insight into one of the most influential people the nation has ever seen. Second...

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Policy Briefs Season 4, Episode 2: “City Council Elections And Propositions 3 And 4”

Host Andy Uhler talks with Austin City Council Member and LBJ School Professor Bill Spelman about Propositions 3 and 4, which aim to change how Austin chooses its City Council members. Austin currently elects seven city council members “at-large” to represent the entire City of Austin. This year, two propositions on the ballot attempt to change the at-large system to a single-member system. If one of these propositions passes, voters in geographically defined electoral districts would vote for single members to represent their interests on the City Council. According to Spelman, similar propositions have gone before Austin voters six times without success. He thinks most people currently support a change to single-member districts, but the presence of two slightly different propositions may split the votes of support so that neither proposition will pass. If that happens, the next opportunity to vote on the issue will be 2015. For more information on what’s on the ballot, visit the Travis County Clerk’s website. Text of the Propositions:  PROP. 3: Shall the city charter be amended to provide for the election of council members from 10 geographical single-member districts, with the mayor to be elected from the city at large, and to provide for an independent citizens redistricting commission? PROP. 4: Shall the city charter be amended to provide for the election of council members from eight geographical single-member districts, with the...

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Policy Briefs Season 4, Episode 1: “No Clear Path To Utopia”

Amid escalating and prolonged violence in Syria, the prospects for a diplomatic solution look dim. What should the U.S. do? Does America need to intervene? What is the path forward? Host Andy Uhler talks to Alan Kuperman, Associate Professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, who has published on ethnic conflict and U.S. military intervention, and Jeremi Suri , author of Liberty’s Surest Guardian: American Nation-Building from the Founders to Obama about the ongoing conflict in Syria. Professor Suri argues that the U.S. should avoid direct military intervention but continue providing indirect support to the rebels. He says, “The best way for us to have a positive influence upon [the rebels] is to aid the rebels and try to nudge them in certain directions that we believe are the appropriate directions…” Professor Kuperman disagrees. He says, “I would actually argue that either of two other paths forward are the way to go: either a big intervention like the U.S. led with NATO in Libya…. or to say to the rebels, ‘We’re not going to aid you. You folks have to stand down and make a deal with Assad….’ ” Our guests also discuss the influence that the Russians may hold on the situation, lessons to be learned from Libya, and the potential effects on the U.S. relationship with Iran. Host: Andy Uhler Producers: G. Phillip Vela, Jennifer Lee Guests:...

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