Author: Brittany Speetles

Reducing Difficult-to-Eliminate Emissions Is No Easy Task

As of 2018, over one hundred municipalities in the United States have committed to using 100% renewable energy in the coming decades. Yet, complete decarbonization paths have yet to be trodden. Recent collaborative research out of Cal Tech and Carnegie Mellon published in Science magazine addresses the challenges of energy sectors that are difficult-to-decarbonize—meaning the technology to do so doesn’t exist at scale, or that the method of electrification is not as intuitive as in other sectors—and argues that addressing these sectors is an essential step toward a carbon neutral future. Because technical development of new technologies can be...

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Op-ed: Rexposé

The Cockrell School has said in a statement that its new distinguished lecture series “aims to bring influential leaders…to the Cockrell School [and] offers students an opportunity to hear and learn from successful individuals at the top of their fields.” I feel let down by the Student Engineering Council for selecting Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil and former secretary of state for the Trump Administration, as the series’ inaugural speaker. The engineering school hails Tillerson as a symbol of success and a mentor for young engineers. But a person’s honor should not be measured by the position they...

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