Author: Claire Burrus

Learning from History: The Case for Unification of the Democratic Party in the Nomination Race

On September 12, 2019, qualifying Democratic presidential candidates hit the stage in Houston, Texas for the third Democratic debate of the year. The highest polling and highest grossing candidates faced off on hot-button issues such as healthcare, race relations, gun violence, immigration, and trade policy, among others. Running throughout the debate was the question of party unification.  A look back at the aftermath of the 2015 Democratic presidential primary reveals the value of such unity. Democratic candidates vying for the 2019 nomination have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of those four years prior. The unification debate emerged...

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Reproductive Justice Must Include Intersex Justice

Local and national news outlets have covered endless stories on reproductive healthcare and policy in the past few months. For example, after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn into the United States Supreme Court last October, the nation wondered what implications his conservative voice on the court would have on the future of the historic Roe v. Wade decision, a landmark decision at the center of reproductive justice. In response to these questions and stories, reproductive justice advocates have made their voices heard in defense of bodily autonomy, particularly for people with vaginas and uteruses. The reproductive justice movement definitively...

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