Author: Delfina Rossi

A Prisoner’s Dilemma: Why Spain and Portugal Won’t Support Greece

The Eurocrisis forced Spain and Portugal, like Greece, to ask Europe for financial support. In return, by mandate from their creditors these countries implemented budget cuts and unpopular structural reforms. As a consequence of these austerity measures, one out of two young people in Spain and Greece is unemployed; in Portugal, this number is nearly one in three. The median citizen understands that, far from solving the problem, austerity has dismantled the welfare state.  As such one might expect fellow austerity victims in Spain and Portugal to side with the Greek government, which is currently demanding that debt and...

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Catalonia’s referendum, a global example of Democracy

Last Sunday November 9, the Catalan government hosted a non-binding referendum on Catalonia independence from Spain. More than 2.3 out of the 7.5 million Catalans turned out and 81% voted in favor of independence. The Spanish government refuses to recognize the poll, leaving a heavy political gridlock at stake. Catalonia is not a lone star in the separatist sky. In Spain, the Basque Country historically has had a greater visibility given the actions of the E.T.A, an armed separatist organization. Nor is Catalonia alone in Europe, where countries like Belgium, United Kingdom, France and Italy, not to mention Ukraine...

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