Author: Elizabeth Petruy

Cecile Richards on “Make Trouble” with Wendy Davis

On Saturday, April 7, from 3-5 pm, the Paramount Theatre on Congress Avenue was filled with women of all ages, many decked out in western boots and pink attire. This gathering of festive Texan women was inspired by the presence of Cecile Richards, former Planned Parenthood CEO, daughter of Texas governor Ann Richards, and author of a new book, “Make Trouble.” She was interviewed by another popular progressive woman, former state senator and Democratic candidate for governor Wendy Davis. Richards’ new book chronicles her life growing up, her history as a labor organizer, and her lengthy record of making...

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Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day by addressing Texas’ maternal mortality crisis

Photo: Dave Herholz On Mother’s Day this year, my brother and I will likely celebrate the way we usually do. We will each buy our respective cards (or he’ll sign his name to the one I bought two weeks ago), take her out to brunch, and listen to her recount the stories of how we came into the world, making her a mother. Later she’ll look at us and hint strongly about how much she’s looking forward to grandmother-hood, even though we’re both single and in school. The day I was born, my mom was checked into a hospital...

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Get Involved: Mentor at Barbara Jordan Elementary School

All photos: Paul Kuhne Many students at the LBJ School of Public Affairs would say they came to this school to gain the skills and credentials to be able to make a difference in the future, and I would count myself in that group. But it’s important to remember that there are opportunities to make a difference right now. One such group are the MPAff and MGPS students who volunteer at Barbara Jordan Early College Prep (BJECP), an elementary school near the LBJ School. LBJ students have been mentoring students at BJECP over the past semester every two weeks with icebreaker...

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Barbara Jordan’s Enduring Legacy

Photo: Penn State University It’s been a few months since the 20th Barbara Jordan National Forum, but I have found myself thinking about her every week since then. The LBJ School is littered with images of and references to Jordan. There are photos of her on the walls, a tree planted in her honor outside, and funds supporting students’ professional development and unpaid internships in her name available in the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs. Her legacy is etched into the infrastructure of the school and the state of Texas, but not everyone at the LBJ School realized...

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Is There Light At The End Of The Foster Care Tunnel?

Photo: PEXELS As I headed into the Texas Union for the first session of the 2016 Texas Tribune Festival I experienced simultaneous feelings of anticipation and dread. My feet dragged slower and slower as I walked into the Santa Rita Room for the session on “Fixing Foster Care.” Foster care, adoption, and how children interact with the court system have been of interest to me for a long time. I had become interested in the system from a young age from talking to a friend about being adopted, and listening to my mother on the phone with a parent...

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