Author: Francoise Van Keuren

Interview with Silviana Brunele: SESI, SENAI and Conexão Mundo

Silviana Brunele, the director of elementary and high school education at SESI and SENAI Linhares, speaks with us about the SESI and SENAI systems’ structure, the benefits of the Conexão Mundo (or World Connection) program, and how their mission fits into Brazil’s economic development goals. Listen to the interview (in both Portuguese and English) or read the summary below. Both SESI and SENAI are part of FINDES, or the Industry Federation in Espirito Santo. SESI is an organization that provides services in health, leisure, and education for the industry community. SENAI’s main purpose is to provide technical training for...

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Building Economic Ties between the United States and Brazil through Education

At the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, I will board a train travelling 12 hours from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais to Linhares, Espirito Santo, Brazil. There I will begin the on-site phase of the Global Leadership Fellowship with Denver-based NGO, US-Brazil Connect (USBC). The NGO focuses on assisting Brazilian vocational and high school students with becoming more comfortable with English language and American culture, as well as connect them with foreign education institutions and community colleges. Fellows are expected to lead a group of Brazilian students through a series of leadership and group collaboration exercises, meanwhile strengthening their confidence...

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Doing Well and Doing Good: The Business for Good Summit

The McCombs School of Business Net Impact Chapter is hosting its 6th annual summit on business and social impact. Formerly called the Sustainable Business Summit, The Business for Good Summit has broadened its scope to address some of the more meaningful questions about how business can be used as a platform to affect social and environmental change. Panelists at the Summit will discuss topics such as the role of technology in education, energy innovation and climate change, sustainable and responsible investment, and the role of entrepreneurship in international economic development. The Summit comes at a time when those involved...

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