Author: Isabel Hovey

20-Minute Interviews in Ghana

Second in a series by Isabel Hovey (LBJ MGPS Student) covering her internship at Exponential Education. This summer, I went to Ghana to complete an internship an education non-profit. While I was there I conducted an external evaluation of participant experiences for Exponential Education’s programs.  The majority of my time in the field was dedicated to data collection, sometimes through interviews. I expected the task to be straightforward – determine who I wanted to interview, schedule the meeting, and conduct the interview –  but I quickly learned otherwise. I have since discovered that conducting an interview is an exercise...

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Evaluating Girls Educational Programs in Ghana

First in a series by Isabel Hovey (LBJ MGPS Student) covering her internship at Exponential Education. LBJ alum Helen Gradstein founded Exponential Education (Expo) as a community-based solution to educational gaps facing students in developing countries. Alongside her undergraduate professor, Dr. Kate, the two of them started Expo with 4 senior high school students and 15 junior high school students. Five years later, Expo has implemented over 45 different projects in 3 different countries and reached over 1600 students. Expo subscribes to the idea that effective supplemental educational programs increase student access to education and improve learning levels. Enrolled students are...

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