Author: Kaitlin Sharkey

Exclusive Interview with US Senator Richard Lugar

In this Baines Report exclusive, Kaitlin Sharkey interviews Sen. Lugar on the UN’s potential reaction to noncompliance in Syria, the impact of partisanship on US foreign policy, and his advice for future policymakers. Sen. Lugar gave a public lecture at the LBJ School on September 26. Photo credited to Sasha Haagensen [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true”...

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A Fight for Health and Education: The Real Brazil Protests

On Monday Brazilians took to the streets for another night of protests against government corruption and poor services. São Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janiero have been sites of protests and some violent police reactions over the past week. Headlines in the United States have described the protests as a fight against a 10-cent increase in bus fares. Anyone present in Brazil can attest that there is way more at play than just small change. Since I arrived in Rio a week ago, I have been surrounded by Confederations Cup and World Cup hype, as well as concerned cariocas...

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Concealed Carry On Campus

The Texas State Legislature begins an immediate special session this morning devoted to redistricting. The special session also allows for other unpassed bills, like school vouchers and concealed carry on campus, to be added as amendments to the redistricting bill. The concealed carry bill, HB 972, was tabled in the Senate, after having passed the House in early May. The bill allows for the carrying of concealed handguns by licensees on university campuses. In this videocast three student leaders from the University of Texas discuss reasons for and against allowing concealed carry on campus. Their voices can also be heard on...

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