Author: Meredith Maulsby

Animal Welfare in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a vast country with terrain that varies from deserts to lush green jungles.  During my time in country, there was one aspect that stood out no matter where in Ethiopia I traveled: donkeys.  Donkeys were everywhere.  No, not the blue donkey taxis–the living and breathing animal kind. I could usually spot them grazing next to a busy road or even in the middle of the road; seemingly oblivious to the cars zooming past.  They could be found throughout the capital city and in most rural areas.  It quickly became obvious to me during my stay in Ethiopia...

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Poverty on the Streets of Addis Ababa

Poverty can easily be seen throughout the capital of Ethiopia, but nowhere is it more evident than when you pass a beggar on the street.  Beggars are everywhere in Addis Ababa, and they represent a vast range of demographics. There are men, women, children of all ages and conditions– some with their mothers, some without, and the severely disabled. Older children, rather than begging, try to sell you gum or clean your shoes, while the younger children walk in front of you asking for money or food, not leaving you until they spot another person to ask.  The women...

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Expansion of the IUD in Ethiopia

While IUDs have become a course of controversy and new restrictions in the US, the Government of Ethiopia is actively trying to expand access to IUDs and other long term birth controls to women all over the country.  In 2005 the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia began a Health Expansion Program that created paid and trained health extension workers to provide care at the community level.  In 2009, the Implanon implant was expanded by specifically training the extension workers to insert the implant.  In 2011, the Ministry added IUD training to this expansion. This summer I am working with...

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