Author: Nicholas Hadjigeorge

Dr. Varoufakis on Birds of a Feather

It is clear that racism, sexism and classism are discriminatory practices that impose harm on specific groups of people. It is less clear how discriminatory mechanisms in society arise and how they change the behavior of certain groups. Dr. Yanis Varoufakis, visiting professor at the LBJ School, conducted research on discrimination using game theory laboratory experiments. Inspired by past research on the behavior of a population of birds, Varoufakis tested whether people behaved similarly given an analogous game that the birds were observed to play. In the previous experiment the birds were all of the same species, but some...

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Austin Police Department and the Rule of Law

A closer examination of a recent jaywalking arrest shows that public safety and the rule of law should be taken more seriously. By now, I suspect that most of Austin is familiar with Amanda Jo Stephen’s arrest on February 20. I also suspect that most who are familiar with the event support Stephen, and to a much greater extent, oppose APD’s actions and response. I feel compelled to make my position known, because those behind the uproar have unjustly vilified APD and incorrectly absolved Stephen. I think this debate so far has seriously been lacking in three areas: public...

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