Author: Nina Nomura

What Will and Will Not Change in Japan: Part 2

A developed but unequal country On Feb. 3, 2021, Tokyo Olympics Chief and former Prime Minister, Yoshiro Mori, stated at the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee meeting that women talk too much and board meetings with a lot of women take too much time. Mori made this statement while the committee was discussing the matter of increasing female representation within the committee.  His comments received strong backlash, and this culminated in his resignation on Feb. 12. Within the five days following Mori’s sexist remarks, over 390 volunteers withdrew their participation in the Tokyo Olympics, and female politicians protested against him...

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What Will and Will Not Change in Japan: Part 1

Hope is high, but so is anxiety.  On Sep. 16, 2020, Yoshihide Suga succeeded Shinzo Abe and became the 99th Prime Minister of Japan, after previously acting as Abe’s Chief Cabinet Secretary. Suga announced in his Cabinet decisions that his first priority is tackling the spread of Covid-19. As for his other policies, he claims to follow Abe’s vision−a point made obvious as Suga offered 11 of 20 cabinet positions to Abe’s previous cabinet members. One of the 11 members to maintain their position is Abe’s brother.  Given the similarities, the public is concerned over the election process in...

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