Author: Peter Morrison

Creating Organizational Change at Peace Corps Senegal

Creating change is a hard, slow process. Creating organizational change may be even harder as it involves people, attitudes, and the work environment. Early planning for my summer internship with Peace Corps Senegal had me slotted to analyze the organization’s current Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation (MRE) practices and processes. This was to be a two month project followed by other equally intensive deliverables such as developing trainings for an upcoming behavior change summit. Soon into my MRE research I began seeing trends in what was working or not, and developing recommendations to address specific issue-areas. I often ended my...

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Managing Community and Client Expectations

Expectation management is an important skill both personally and professionally. When we do not actively work to manage our own expectations and those of our clients, communities, and supervisors, we often set ourselves up for failure. Despite this, it does not seem to be a subject that is widely written on or discussed. It is hard to find prescriptions to guide an aspiring international development worker to better manage expectations. Taking lessons from my prior experiences and experiences this summer as an intern for Peace Corps Senegal, I’ve compiled a few considerations that may help manage expectations in the...

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Assessing Peace Corps Senegal’s Monitoring and Evaluation Process

From the barren Sahel desert of northern Senegal to the lush forests of Kedougou in the south, about 250 Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) are integrating into villages and working on health, economic, and agricultural development projects. One of the largest branches globally, Peace Corps Senegal is a model program in Africa. Throughout the past year, Peace Corps Senegal has been carrying the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) torch for Peace Corps by revising and strengthening their M&E practices. I am a Crook Fellow interning with Peace Corps Senegal this summer and my primary task is to evaluate their evaluation process....

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