Author: Samer Yousif

Empowering Innovators to Tackle the World’s Most Pressing Issues

Photo: Indi Samarjiva CC 2.0 2017 Crook Fellow Samer Yousif is interning this summer with Ashoka, a nonprofit that supports a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs in their mission to address development issues in their own localities. Here he updates us on his work evaluating the impact of these entrepreneurs’ initiatives: The capitalist structure has often been criticized for creating institutions that have ingrained inequity in the world.  Corporations are seen as profit-maximizing, at the expense of the environment, marginalized populations, public resources, and the greater social good.  But what if the private sector, with its innovation, skills, and...

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Sudanese-Americans Struggling for Hope in Trump’s America

Photo: Morguefile Like many people waking up last Saturday morning, I was shocked by President Trump’s executive order restricting immigration and banning refugees from entering the United States.  As a Sudanese-American Muslim holding dual citizenship, I am anxious and confused as to how this may affect my family and thousands of others.  Like many immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees affected by this ban, uncertainty about our futures and those of our families now keeps us awake at night. This ban is a continuation of the fear-mongering and protectionist attitude of Donald Trump’s campaign.  In President Trump’s executive order, he...

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