Author: Timothy Michalak

One year after the Parkland, FL school shooting, reforms are still unfinished.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in which 17 students and teachers lost their lives. Yet, one year later, there are few reforms to show for a recurring problem that repeatedly puts our country’s children at risk. While some measures have resulted in reform, such as a bump stock ban and, at least in Florida, a three-day waiting period, we cannot wait for future school shootings to make the reforms to stop these tragedies. Fatalities resulting from a school shooting. Source: K-12 School Shooting Database.   Last year alone, there were 97...

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Changing a system of segregation requires more than single-member districts

Minority underrepresentation on Texas school boards is failing thousands of school children each year, as reported in the Texas Tribune’s investigative reporting on school dis-integration. Districts, such as the Richardson ISD, while representing a significant proportion of students of color, have just one person of color serving on the school board. In January, proponents for change made progress, moving from seven at-large seats to five single-member districts, with two of those districts having a minority-majority makeup. While this is progress, Richardson ISD has, instead of restructuring a powerful underlying system, further entrenched segregation into their electorate. The five single-member...

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