Author: Taryn Woody

China’s Secret Genocide

“Never again” came sooner than expected. Kidnapped by their oppressive government, religious minorities are carted from their homes and held inside political prisons, where they are indoctrinated, tortured, raped and experimented on. This is not Nazi Germany. This is Communist China, where up to 2 million Muslims currently reside inside concentration camps, the largest mass incarceration of an ethnic group since the Holocaust. Most of these Muslims are Uyghurs (also spelled Uighur) and hail from the western Xinjiang province, which borders Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. For decades, China has oppressed Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic groups through government-sanctioned cultural annihilation...

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Mayor Adler Responds to Surge in Texas Covid-19 Cases

On July 14, Mayor Steve Adler joined a virtual interview with Politico on the state of affairs in Austin, given the recent surge in Texas Covid-19 cases. Adler expressed his concern for the state and Austin in particular, singling out the difficulties that the city’s healthcare system is facing and the issues the University of Texas and local school districts will face when students return in the fall. Adler was not shy about the harrowing situation facing Austin. “We’re on the edge,” he said. “We opened up our economy too soon without testing and tracing really being in place. Now...

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A Conversation With the ODNI’s Andrew Hallman

While pursuing a Master’s degree at American University, Andrew Hallman took a class taught by a professor on sabbatical from the CIA. As he learned of the pivotal role intelligence plays in policy and security, Hallman wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to know more. Three years after earning his degree and many background checks later, he followed that desire into a job at the CIA. “…And I never looked back,” he said. Hallman served in various capacities over his years at the CIA—as the Deputy Director of CIA for Digital Innovation, the Deputy Director of Intelligence for Strategic Programs, the Director...

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